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Why I suggest Wix for total begineers in No-code space

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Few years ago I started my journey in this No-code space with weebly. Although, it was a great platform, it just didn't had all the functialities that we needed. Fast forward to today, I have used Wix extensively for a lot of projects and recommend it to alot of people now too.

Why Wix?

  1. The Drag and Drop Builder The intuitive drag and drop feature are great for both novice and advanced users (just like Squarespace, Weebly). If you’re someone who’s never created a website before, using wix would be an ideal choice since you need to just drag and drop strips, sections, without having to touch a line of code. This is also great for advanced users who are just trying to refresh the design of their website and they want to use Wix as a prop first.

  2. Template Directory Wix’s directory of templates is pretty extensive. You can easily filter the themes by categories. Blank templates have nothing on them and you will have to build everything from scratch with the drag and drop builder.

  3. Customer support and user guides Wix offers a high quality in customer support, whether over the phone, through forums, etc. If users have any problems or questions, they can post them in the forum and will receive a reply there. This forum is very active, helpful, and comprehensive. Make sure to check whether your question had been answered by the support staff before posing your question.

  4. Wix App Market Wix's app market is very extensive with over 280 apps to use on your Wix website. These apps allow for a better functionality of your site, using different tools and services. It offers tools by external services providers to you separately. Installing them is easy, since it just takes one click per app. The App Market includes apps such as live chat widgets by LiveChat and shopping carts by Shopify, SEO Tools. It also has other functional services, like newsletters, schedulers, reservation tools, social widgets (e.g. forums) or marketing tools (e.g. coupons). Most of these apps are free too.

  5. Responsiveness Every element that you drag and drop is responsive and you also have the mobile editor where you can edit the elements and adjust it according to your liking.

Wix offers many marketing options as well. An integrated blog which is critical to have if you have an online presence, an integrated newsletter called a Shout Out, SEO Tools, a great ecommerce solution, the list goes on and on.

Conclusion If you want a simple yet customizable website builder and would love to integrate certain 3rd party apps, Wix is the builder for you

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