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Top 5 form builders 2021 (Part 1)

1. Typeform

Typeform is a popular online form builder, famous for its quirky character.

The builder is visually attractive, allowing you to get the hang of form building and create contact feedback forms, lead generation and payment forms. While the style can be monotonous, every design can stand out thanks to the variety of backgrounds and images you can insert through the File Upload add-on. It’s also worth mentioning that If you have used other builders before, you might find yourself missing the typical drag-and-drop convenience.

This online form builder offers a wide range of form templates for different industries and types of forms, including: quizzes, polls, surveys, lead generation forms Typeform’s online form builder is great for companies with a young audience, ideal for creating cool forms without spending too much time.

Price- It starts from 25$ per month to 80$ per month.

Google Forms are exactly what you’d expect from Google. The builder offers you a quick and easy way to create and deploy subscription forms, with a smooth online form editor.

The online form builder also offers a few different templates you can customize or design from scratch in a few minutes, such as customer feedback or event registration forms. Concerning customization, you can change the color of the header, upload photo files, or change the font of the survey questions. Google Forms also like to keep it simple in the way that there are not many display customization options.Nevertheless, it does offer a range of options for the types of responses you want, such as short text, checkboxes, and drop-down menu.

JotForm is among the free online form builders but with certain limitations. Nevertheless, the app has become famous for its vast collection of templates and simplified form builder. In fact, they have more than 5.000 templates to choose from. With JotForm, you can choose between 2 different layout options:

– An all-questions-on one-page form or

– A single question per page

Apart from using their templates, you can also create a form from scratch or import an existing form. JotForm lets you create multi-page forms to improve user experience and collect more data to set your segmentation efforts in motion. The best JotForm feature, though, is its mobile-friendly forms. In fact, the platform uses mobile–first technology to make your forms look great on any device. Perfect for creating forms on the spot, JotForm is a fast, flexible, user-friendly online form builder with tons of added plugins and integrations such as Salesforce, PayPal.

Pricing- In addition to its free plan, other plans start from bronze (24$) to gold (79 $ per month).

Paperform is a more traditional form builder but it aims to find that sweet spot between speed and customizability. Its user interface is sleek and Paperform has done a decent job of making extensive options easy to navigate. The downside of extensive options is you have to spend time going through them all – only you can decide if this is a productivity issue for you.The other main issue with Paper form, compared to JotForm (above), is that it’s not as intuitive to use as a platform but it’s slightly cheaper – so it all comes down to what you’re priorities are. There’s also a Paperform Agency version if you want to use this tool for your customers.

Pricing- Basic version is price at 20 $, pro version at 36 $ and for agencies it is 82.5 $ per month.

Forms help in creating engaging forms that customers love answering and enhance customer experience like never before.

Features include-

  • Drag-and-drop Form Builder An advanced feature that makes it easy to build a form of any complexity

  • Payment Component Payments supported by Stripe which makes sure the transaction data is safe and secured

  • Embed Code Everywhere Possible Forms can be embedded on a website and then reflected on the desired page



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