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Glide Apps use cases

It is true that with glide apps you can't build the next twitter or uber but you can certainly build something they call it as dark apps or work apps that you build internally or for any other company. Solving a particular problem is the main thing to find out as a no-code developer

Building internal apps can be a slow process. Glide makes it easy to build and deploy internal apps quickly, without knowing how to code.

Create An Internal Tool In 2 Steps with Glide

You can get started building your first internal app with Glide in as little as two easy steps.

From a Glide template:

  1. Choose a template for the type of app you’d like to build. You’ll get a copy of the app template and a copy of the Google Sheet it uses in your Drive.

  2. Customize the app by adding your own data in the Google Sheet.

From your spreadsheet:

  1. Choose one of your spreadsheets to build a basic app as a starting point.

  2. Customize the way your data appears in the app.

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, your app is essentially ready to use as-is. However, you can customize your app’s layout, change how lists and tabs appear, match design elements to your branding, and truly make it your own. You can even add integrations with SaaS tools like Zapier and Google Analytics. Click publish and you’re ready to go.

To share the app with your employees, you can share the app’s QR code so others can scan it, you can text the link to someone, or copy the app’s URL and share that via email.

The best part is when you make changes -- whether in Google Sheets, to the app’s layout, or if users make updates to the data -- these will be live within seconds or minutes.

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