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About No-Code Alley

We started using No-code a long time back when there were only a few tools available, but with the advent of new tech and people willing to use no-code tools for their MVP, we've created this forum for all your no-code queries.


No-Code Alley is a single destination for no-code people to get their problems solved. You can read through the existing posts or submit a new one explaining your problem in detail. There are also threads to help you out with common issues and answers to commonly asked questions. No Code Members are able to edit their own posts so they can keep everyone else informed on what they are working on at any given time. By creating this community we seek to bring more developers into the open as well as provide knowledge sharing among the membership.

The Team



Kevin Anthony

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Kevin is an avid Aviation and Product Enthusiast. He's the founder of Sapience and Quarate. He loves working for startups and building side projects.


Kareena Rogers

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Kareena loves working at startups and is currently the Chief of Staff at Hopscotch Health. Her love for startups comes from the fast-paced learning environment that enables her to learn new skills!
Connect with her to learn more about product strategy, marketing and UX.

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