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How Health Builder used No-code platform to create the largest booking site for Nutritionist

Being a startup, it is very essential to use your resources wisely. So using no-code tools can be very helpful to check if your MVP is working or your idea is validated.

When we decided to make this site, we started with Wix But when we started getting some traction we realised Wix had a lot of restrictions compared to bubble or other no-code platforms. I have been using bubble for quite some time now. So it was easy to start with that.

We choose bubble for these reasons-

Bubble’s Features

  1. Responsive design (takes a lot of effort though)

  2. Easy customer-facing web platforms builder

  3. Drag and drop

  4. One-click hosting

So considering these things we choose Bubble to build

But they also admitted that it has been a challenge as well to make this site wrt to APIs and other stuff. But thet have learnt a lot about the long and amazing features of bubble as well as the whole no-code ecosystem.

Ps- We also made an app on bubble as well—

If you need a nutritionist or dietitian we have 1000+ Nutritionist to help you out :)

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